Arctic Heroes Challenge

Arctic HeroesThe challenge is called the ‘Arctic Heroes Challenge’ and will take place in March 2013. It involves driving from the UK and crossing the Arctic Circle at 66 33’ 39” N in the northern region of Norway and pushing further north to reach Nordkapp (North Cape). This final destination is Europe’s northernmost point on land at 71 01’08”N leaving only the Svalbard Islands to separate us from the Polar Ice Cap in the Arctic Ocean and the North Pole itself.

The challenge will take place at the most treacherous time of the year when temperatures are normally averaging minus 20deg Celsius. If that was hard enough we plan to wild camp on route as we make our way to the northern tip of Europe. We believe this challenge embraces the true spirit of true British adventure and will directly benefit real Heroes.

The sole charity to benefit from the Arctic Heroes Challenge to the Arctic Circle will be Help for Heroes

If you have any interest is providing corporate or individual sponsorship please Contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or phone 07877 414975

Update: Due to unavoidable circumstances Andy is no longer taking part in the challenge, we wish the guys who are doing it the very best of luck.